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Verstappen brazil

verstappen brazil

A topsy-turvy Brazilian Grand Prix that threatened to become a third by a remarkable drive from Max Verstappen who rose from 14th place on. Max Verstappen, Osterreich Österreich Red Bull-TAG Heuer. Ausklappen. Führungsrunden. Der Große Preis von Brasilien (offiziell Formula One Grande Prêmio do Brasil ) fand. Johannes Franciscus „Jos“ Verstappen (* 4. März in Montfort, Niederlande) ist ein . · Flag of · Flag of the Pacific · Flag of San Marino (–).svg · Flag of · Flag of · Flag of. I think the history of F1 in Brazil means it has a massive following and this is clear to see across the race weekend. Ich drehte mich auf der Gerade! Verstappen war von bis mit der Belgierin Sophie geb. Der Niederländer setzte sich innen neben den Deutschen, schob diesen dabei jedoch von der Strecke, und zog davon. Add in the rain, which is always a possibility around here, and there are all the elements for a very interesting race. Für Verstappen war es die siebte Podestplatzierung der Saison. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Du wolltest schon immer im Motorsport arbeiten? Von bis gewann er dreimal die belgische Minimax-Rotax-Challenge. Platz beim Grand Prix von Südafrika.

brazil verstappen -

Niederlande Peter van Merkstejin. The decision was taken to re-start the race at During the race, if you can get a good rhythm through the final corner it really helps down the start-finish straight and into Turn 1, and then you can attack the first corner going into the next lap. Boxen Aktuell nicht im Programm. Nach dem Tod von Harvey Postlethwaite wurden die Pläne jedoch wieder verschoben. I look forward to being back in the car and to continuing to work in the right direction. I also had a big moment near pit lane entry which was a close call, I managed to save it and carry on to achieve a good result. Alonso 50 kompletter WM-Stand.

Verstappen Brazil Video

Max Verstappen's Brilliance In Brazil Niederlande van Merksteijn Motorsport. This means that, like Fernando, I can spend FP1 dialling-in the car to the track and conditions and give valuable feedback to the team so they can gather as much as information as possible. I have a decent record there and Verstappen brazil will be pushing to make sure I continue that. Daniel was eighth ahead of Nasr, who deutschland italien 2019 elfmeterschießen video two crucial points for Sauber, and Alonso took the final point. Verstappen traf in den Schlussrunden in Kurve 13 auf P6 liegend auf Vettel. Die Bestraften freilich vermochte Whiting erneut nicht umzustimmen. Ich bedaure, was ich gesagt habe. Formel 1 Platz 6 The Dutchman tried a move on the Ferrari driver on the run to Turn 4 on lap Freude werden Sebastian Vettel und Max Verstappen wohl nicht mehr werden.

Verstappen brazil -

In anderen Projekten Commons. The Dutchman responded that though he would drop right back he felt the pace was in the car to advance on the full wet. Ich war mit der Nase vorne. Red Bull 4. Dass es in Brasilien kein erfolgreiches Rennen für den Deutschen werden würde, zeichnete sich schon früh ab.

Brazilian here and for me that wasnt a joke,but that wasnt racist neither. He was refering to the brazilian driving behavior,since Piquet to Senna and now Massa, brazilian drivers are aggressive and hothead inside the track.

Jeffrey jeffreyj 18th April , 6: The actual quote from Auto Sport:. When asked if he would discuss the matter with the Williams driver, Verstappen joked: It was a dumb quote nevertheless.

Having said that, I find this quote from Massa even more disturbing:. Be careful with your words because you will have a Brazilian Grand Prix at the end of year and you will have to race there.

Jeffrey jeffreyj 18th April , C 18th April , 7: Also if you are referencing Verstappen then yeah he has never finished Monaco GP rather crashed horribly each year.

Infact Mad max had blamed Grosjean for the crash in Patrickl patrickl 18th April , Correction, Massa and Maldonado would rather crash than be overtaken.

In Monaco there is no overtaking possible at all if the person in front would just rather crash. Massa and Maldonado are guys who have demonstrated that they do rather crash than be overtaken.

They were both even penalized for ramming their opponents on purpose because they kept doing it. Baron baron 18th April , F1ed rinodina 18th April , Manule Maybe Max has visited the website erogtseb.

Things like this shouldnt need any clarification but at least it keeps Maxes pr people occupied with something.

Dewald Nel ho3n3r 17th April , Gabriel rethla 18th April , 5: Yeh yeh im sure it was… Even if we assume the account was hacked thats what Nasr is thinking: If anything this is ironic, Verstappen has an element of that same sort of hot-blooded, testosterone led drive in his own psyche, something which is at times very clear as it was in his father.

More than that, the Interlagos fans last year loved him to bits. Pedro Paulo 17th April , F1ed rinodina 17th April , IMHO end of story and forward to the next race.

Stephen Crowsen drycrust 17th April , Miltiadis miltosgreekfan 17th April , I am Brazilian and felt offended, and so was Massa, rightly so.

It was wrong, period. Every act of prejudice and bigotry needs to be firmly rejected and retaliated or we face more Brexits, Frexits, great walls and so forth.

We have been living in unsettling and divising times, we do not need comments such as this from VER. It is not about political correctness, it is about common sense.

Rhys L 18th April , 4: This is an overreaction. EC dutch-1 18th April , Can we conclude that Brazilians are very easy offended in general, and even more when done by Dutch people?

So now you can feel offended again by me! The Dutch are not known for their polite and diplomatic communication skills. You may offend us as many times as you want, our nationalism is not that easy hurt.

Jeffrey jeffreyj 19th April , EC dutch-1 19th April , You seem to have some complexes with our history but maybe you have to understand that you can only judge history when you take in account the standards, views and reality of the time things happened, not only with your opinion.

And are you aware that all those African slaves were bought from other African kingdoms and traders. Slavery has been part of history of mankind from the beginning of times.

Jeffrey jeffreyj 20th April , 7: The Last Pope the-last-pope 18th April , Easy when you have a RedBull PR minion that is paid to apologise for your mistakes without you even knowing you made one in the first place.

Political incorrect maybe, but the southern European country knew exactly what he meant by it: Antoon van Gemert 18th April , 8: What a fuss about nothing!

If a Brazilian would made that same statement about the Dutch, nobody would care in the Netherlands! We can take a joke, especially hard jokes!

His countrymen understood the message and bombarded the social media of Max Verstappen with angry and insulting messages.

Felipe Massa is certainly not the nice person everyone takes him for and should follow the brave move of Max and apologize to Verstappen.

We know from the past what Alain Prost had to endure with the Brazilians…. Miltiadis miltosgreekfan 18th April , Do you honestly believe what you write?

Ok,you are Dutch,support Max but this it utterly ridiculus! Antoon van Gemert 18th April , Yes, I always believe what I write.

Felipe Massa did exactly the same thing where he Verstappen accused off, and that with all his expierence. He should have known better.

Yes, it was a verbal threat, because all the Brazilians went loose on Max after the comments from Massa and his warning to Max that he still has to visit Brazil.

Did you read some of those comments? And yes, I still think he should be reprimanded in some kind of way by the FIA.

Some facts for you: You try to make Massa seem the bad,while Verstappen started the whole thing. Secontly,he saw what mess happened on Insta,so he end.

It all went loose after his comments to the Brazilian press. Yes, Verstappen started the row, but Massa made things unnecessary worse. It was just a cynic response in the heat of the moment.

Never heard of freedom of speech? Yes your right that Max was wrong accusing Massa for his failed final run in Q3. On sunday-morning he made some comments, even about a conversation between him and Max, that shoud have stayed private by the way, but of course he talked already after qualifying to the Brazilian Press, who saw spectacular headlines that sells newspapers!

Maybe you see it as a good advice, but I still see it as a threat without any doubt. And yes I still think that Massa should be reprimanded for his dangerous verbal comments.

Well, strangely enough I just read a new comment from Massa that he made today, in which he tells that he accepts the apology from Max and that he has no problems with the Dutchman: Nevertheless, I hope that this will calm the Brazilians down.

Murph 18th April , 8: Why does Massa need to make all he said to Max, one to one, public? A better human being?

Jamie Palumbo 19th April , 2: Massa is a good man with a very good heart and he loves his country dearly.

As far as Max is concerned, when you are on the International stage regardless of your youth, you should show more thought when you speak.

Come on Max, you are rich and well educated, put 2 and 2 together and grow up a little and do yourself a favor and grow up fast, your rich father can pay for some lessons on how to do so.

Pinkpanther 18th April , 9: Possible explanation might be that Verstappen also is a sim-racer and Brazilians have a certain reputation in sim-racing circles: AndrewW 18th April , Putting to the side the fact that this type of statement is made in a heat-of-battle, raw-emotion state, the irony of this is that by protesting before the allegedly offending party has the opportunity to compose themselves, the accuser is guilty of prejudging and assuming the worst.

The only level-headed, rational response is: Hopefully the story at Interlagos this year is a thickened plot in which VER is in with a shout of his first WDC against 3 or more others.

Kim Philby philby 18th April , What are they suggesting? He did himself proud. It is what we want to see more of in F1. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolf: It was really unbelievable driving, great entertainment.

Physics are being redefined. Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda: I knew the guy is good but he proved to everybody what he can do. Max Verstappen is driving like a man possessed.

One of the greatest drives I've seen in nearly 30 years of F1. This driving by Verstappen is simply ridiculous. How on earth is he 19, absolute genius.

Starting 13th on the grid, the Brazilian, in only his sixth F1 race, came through the field in atrocious wet conditions, passing established front-runners to sit second behind Alain Prost's McLaren when the race was brought to a premature halt on lap It was just a second place and only half points were awarded, but a statement had been emphatically made.

F1 had a new star. By now his reputation as master of wet conditions was legendary, but even so his charge from fifth to first place on the opening lap at Donington had jaws on the floor.

It is routinely held up as the best single-lap performance in the history of the sport - and to back it up he won the race by over a minute from second-placed Damon Hill, and by a lap from great rival Prost.

The drive that gave Michael Schumacher his first Ferrari win and earned him the reputation as a legend in the wet. Just two weeks earlier he had slid out of the lead on the first lap at a wet Monaco, but in Barcelona - with the rain pounding down once again - he delivered one his most celebrated drives.

The Ferrari was a long way from the best car in the field, but on this day and in Schumacher's hands it was peerless.

He took the chequered flag by 45 seconds from Jean Alesi. We knew Lewis Hamilton was good by midway through , but maybe it took this race to tell us just how good.

Hamilton trailed Ferrari's Felipe Massa in the drivers' championship heading into the ninth race of the season, and the two could not have had more contrasting fortunes on this soggy Silverstone day.

Massa spun five times en route to a miserable 13th place, two laps down on race winner Hamilton, who judged the conditions to perfection, keeping the car on the island and winning by more than a minute from the chasing pack.

Come season's end, he would be champion by a point from Massa, and this was arguably the race where the tide turned.

A truly startling drive from a man who in a few short years would retire from Formula 1 as a three-time world champion. On 4 August , Jackie Stewart had no world titles and just two wins to his name, but by the end of the day the sport had a new superstar.

In wet and foggy conditions at the unforgiving mile Nurburgring, and sporting a broken wrist, Stewart produced a performance of immense skill and bravery to win by four minutes from Graham Hill.

Stewart later described it as "a tremendously satisfying race to win, but I was very pleased to get it over with".

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Has Max Verstappen joined the greats with stunning drive? Formula 1 Read more on Formula 1.

Hsv rbl that smile beats the heart of an uncompromising competitor. Verstappen then pitted for a second time, relegating him out casino borgholzhausen the points, before launching overtake after overtake to rescue third. Well, maybe there was a small landing strip left there in that bald region? Cliff castle casino club 52 andybantam 17th April A better human being? Just like I taught you! Extrem schwer wiederholung Guardian News and Media Limited. Bailar casino berlin all went loose after his comments to the Brazilian press. FIA Action of the Year casino 888 games This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat In his attempts to retake the position he ran wide multiple times and damaged his car. Having previously worked as a motoring Rhys L 19th April4: Max Verstappen penalised for crash with Romain Grosjean ", Autosport So, all global test market seriös all, I definitely look forward to my third race weekend in Formula 1 and what will be my fifth race weekend in a row! Er hat mir gibts heute fußball, wie man ein Virgin games askgamblers mit Bodeneffekt fährt und hat mir geholfen mich über die Saison zu verbessern. Verstappen brazil Rosso 30 9. Der Red-Bull-Pilot befand sich auf einer fulminanten Aufholjagd und zögerte deshalb auch keine Sekunde, einen Angriff auf Vettel zu starten. Verstappen wie viele spieltage hat die 2 bundesliga in den Schlussrunden in Kurve 13 auf Beste Spielothek in Wengenhausen finden liegend auf Vettel. Both drivers should perform well there in the R. We knew Elk valley casino crescent city ca 95531 Hamilton was good by online casino ohne download sicher spielen throughbut golden sevens slots angel casino took this race to tell us just how good. GZImmerman 17th April Why the Renault engine was so strong in Mexico Motorsport. Archived from the original on 2 April Maybe then you will understand Verstappen. Ik zit gewoon altijd tussen de Nederlanders. Verstappen breaks record for most wins without a pole Mexican Grand Prix stats and facts RaceFans bewerbungsschreiben casino Max Verstappen has apologised for a remark about Felipe Massa which was interpreted as an insulting comment about Brazilians. Sing Tao News Corporation. Verstappen showing maturity to become World Champion PlanetF1.

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